Community Values and Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Revised by DEI Task-Force General Administrative Work-Group 11.20; reviewed by Staff and Faculty Assemblies and Student Senate

Equity is an intentional focus for creating opportunities for all Blackburn community members – students, faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Trustees – which we achieve through providing supports that allow for intellectual, social, academic development and success. We value our diverse identities that help our relationships flourish and our community thrive.

In order to foster an equity-driven community, Blackburn College is committed to:

  • Building and nurturing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone;
  • Emulating respect, compassion, and integrity in our relationships with each other;
  • Identifying and eliminating barriers to access and success;
  • Addressing issues of bias, discrimination and exclusion;
  • Seeking understanding across difference;
  • Resisting the pervasiveness of discrimination in all its forms;
  • Prioritizing mental and physical well-being of community members;
  • Continually reviewing policies and practices to remove barriers and inequities that negatively impact historically and currently marginalized groups;
  • Recognizing that hostility, stereotyping, and/or disparaging remarks towards any identity, even when not directed at specific individuals, creates a hostile environment which undermines our community’s integrity and the liberal arts;
  • Strengthening our diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies through workshops, training sessions and other learning opportunities.

Disrespectful and/or harassing behavior that compromises any learning opportunity is a violation of Blackburn’s community standards. It is also expected that Blackburn community members (staff and faculty) will not propagate racist or discriminatory views in teaching, learning, or working relationships as it compromises the integrity and credibility of our community.

To create an equitable community where everyone can thrive, particularly historically and currently marginalized populations, we must utilize data which provides outcomes-based evidence that would reveal any significantly different outcomes for different populations.

To be consistent with our conviction for diversity, equity, and inclusion, every Blackburn College member is responsible for upholding these community standards for the merit of our institution.