Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the Blackburn Admissions Team is here to help!

Throughout your college search and application process, your counselor is your first contact for all questions and inquiries.

Use the list below to find your counselor. Let us help you discover everything Blackburn College has to offer.

Justin Norwood, Vice President of Inclusive Enrollment

Macoupin, Montgomery, Greene, Jersey, and Calhoun Counties, and the Western States

Marie O’Brien, Admissions Counselor

Transfer students

Mikey Moorman, Admissions Counselor

Southern Illinois Counties and the Southern States

Sakura Fagan, Admissions Counselor

North Central Illinois Counties and the Eastern States

Sophia King, Admissions Counselor

Northern Illinois Counties and International students

Ainsley Gwillim, Admissions Office Manager