Blackburn College offers an exceptional education at an extraordinary value. We’re large enough to offer the courses you want and give you the personal attention and support you need. Our nationally recognized Work Program is the icing on the cake—you’ll get real-world work experience as an active partner in the services essential to running the College. Come visit our campus to find out how Blackburn can work for you!

Blackburn College processes applicants on a rolling admissions plan, considering applicants based on at least six semesters of high school work. Admissions decisions are based on a completed application and the applicant’s high school transcript. Blackburn College does not require standardized test scores for admission.

So you are ready for college? We would like you to consider Blackburn College. Blackburn College is one of nine work colleges in the United States and the only one with a student-managed work program. What does this mean? You have a chance to build a strong resume, even get management experience, while attending college and reducing your costs because you are not only a student – you are staff! Find out more about the work program here.

Blackburn offers more than 30 majors so there is something for every career goal. And that is where the Office of Career Services comes in. Career Services can help those students who have not declared a major focus their search. By using Internet-based career planning tools and a variety of assessments, the career counselor can help students match their strengths and interests with a college degree and ultimately with a career goal.

Already have a major selected? Career Services can help those students connect their major to a variety of career options. Career Services can also assist students in preparing a professional resume, in conducting a career search, in researching graduate school programs, and in finding graduate assistantships and internships.

Career Services hosts several career conferences to help students explore career fields and create networks of professional contacts. Career Services also hosts graduate school representatives on campus to assist students in selecting graduate school programs.

Career Services also offers two career classes to help students with career planning and career placement. The Office of Career Services collaborates with three area universities to provide Blackburn students with access to career fairs. The Office provides transportation to and from these career fairs.

So make the most of your college experience. Have fun, develop a strong work ethic, gain management experience, build a strong resume and create a career plan that will help you gain the professional lifestyle you want. Join the Blackburn community and let Blackburn College work for you!