Campus Residence Policy

Blackburn College recognizes the importance of the college residential experience as part of overall student learning and development. The College is therefore committed to providing students the opportunity of living in affordable campus housing, in communities with their peers, and participating in shared governance. 

It is expected that all traditional aged students (18-23) will reside in campus housing. Exemptions to this policy may be made for:

  • Students who reside with their spouses in the Carlinville area;
  • Students who have children that reside with them;
  • Students who reside with their parents, in the parent’s’ primary residence, within 50 miles of campus (The student’s parent or legal guardian will be required to provide verification);
  • Students who have completed at least eight semesters in residence on the Blackburn campus;
  • Students who have previously earned a baccalaureate degree.
  • Students who will be 21 or older by September 1 for the fall semester, or February 1 for the spring semester.
  • Students who have senior standing.

Exemptions will only be made with an approved Residency Exemption form. In addition to these circumstances, an approved Residency Exemption form may be sought for students who will be 21 or older by September 1st for the Fall semester or February 1st for the Spring semester, or have senior standing.