How do you get your first job on campus? During summer Orientation, you can meet the department managers, talk with them, and learn more about the positions still available on campus. You will also rank your preference of work program departments on your New Student Work Program Job Application, along with any work experience you have from part-time jobs or volunteer work.

The managers will consider your application and personal information to place you in an open position.

Typically, the placement process takes place after the summer orientation programs. Students are usually notified by the end of July of their job assignment. In that email, managers will let you know if there are any specific needs for your role, the date of the first department meeting, and other details specific to your job.


This form must be completed for new students entering Blackburn’s student-managed Work Program. Due to the needs of the campus, many new students will initially be placed in essential “cornerstone” departments. However, throughout your time at Blackburn, you will be able to apply for open positions and navigate your way to leadership positions.