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  • We don’t consider the career center, or Career Services Office, to be part of a collegiate “arms race”—but we do try for the fantastic, gee-whiz, and results-producing services that serve the best interests of our students. The Career Services Office is a vital piece of what the College is providing our students as part of their Blackburn experience!

    As one of only seven work colleges, and the only one with a student-managed work program, Blackburn incorporates career services into the educational environment for each individual student.

    As a college where students Learn, Work and Earn, Blackburn offers graduates a four year head start that allows them to excel in graduate schools, professional programs and the workplace. Blackburn’s education is based upon a strong liberal arts curriculum enhanced by experiential learning in a nationally recognized, student-managed Work Program. The College’s culture encourages students to build their leadership potential through increased work responsibilities and a leadership curriculum— putting Blackburn graduates in a unique competitive position with their peers.

    Contact with the Career Services Office begins for prospective students before they even visit campus. Staff works with these students to identify their career interests and match those interests with online resources and information. A visit to the Career Services Office is included in prospective student campus visits, where the students are presented with a personalized document outlining career possibilities in their field of interest. Discussions assist the student in recognizing the educational requirements for their career and other aspects such as job responsibilities and potential income. Additional information concerning future job outlook is also shared with the students.

    Two classes are offered by the Director of Career Services and Experiential Learning, providing instruction in career selection and preparation for employment searches. As part of the coursework students are paired with alumni to give them additional perspective about the workplace and specific career information. An online resource currently provides student access to information regarding 700 potential employers, and the database is constantly growing as additional employers are added.

    As part of their courses, videos of student “interview introductions” are produced at the beginning of the class and again at the close of the term. An “Academy Awards Night” provides a fun and entertaining review of the “before” and “after” videos, but also shows an important development step in each student as they progress toward their future career success.

    Most importantly, the unique Blackburn College Work Program requires all students to work for the college a minimum of 10 hours per week. As a student-managed program, opportunities for supervision and management positions provides real-world work experience that gives Blackburn graduates an advantage over their peers at other schools. Blackburn graduates are known as employees who can assimilate quickly to different work places and demonstrate tremendous adaptability, work skills and problem solving expertise.

    The Blackburn Work Program celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 and currently offers:

    • Job placement according to individual skills, interests, and career choices
    • Potential management and supervisory positions, including specializing training
    • Successful job and career mentoring by faculty and staff, both in the workplace and the classroom

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