The Blackburn College Student Handbook, known traditionally as the “B” Book, contains the standards established for the Blackburn student community and other helpful information about life on campus. The Student Handbook is issued and maintained by the Dean of Students and the Office of the President.

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Last Update: August 18, 2023



Blackburn College aspires to provide a distinctive and innovative model of American higher education, grounded in scholarship, student leadership, and cultivated through a community of integrated work, learning, and service.


Blackburn College links a rigorous and affordable liberal arts education with a unique student-managed Work Program preparing graduates for careers, community engagement, and lifelong learning.


The Blackburn community values critical and independent thinking, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, service, shared governance, and moral responsibility.


It is each student’s responsibility to learn how to apply the general standards of community conduct (outlined in this publication) to avoid conflicts or interference with the rights of others. It is the responsibility of students to read, be familiar with, and abide by the Student Handbook, the Work Program Guidelines, academic requirements as written in the Catalog, and official announcements sent to students’ college e-mail addresses, campus mail boxes, or in the student portal news.


Blackburn encourages each member of the campus community to exercise their right to vote. Please visit our voter registration page for more information.


When used in these guidelines:

  • The term “College premises” means buildings or grounds owned, leased, operated, controlled or supervised by the College;
  • The term “College sponsored activity” means any activity on or off campus that is initiated, aided, authorized or supervised by the College;
  • The term “College” or “Institution” means Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois;
  • The term “College Official” means any administrator, faculty member, staff member (including resident directors and resident assistants) and other authorized individuals of the College.


The information and policies contained in this handbook are presented as a matter of information, and are not intended as a contract or offer to contract. Blackburn College reserves the right to alter or change information or conditions contained in this publication without notice. Changes to this handbook will normally be announced via Announcements through campus e-mail.