College is a transformational time. Our students come from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds; including some underrepresented populations. At Blackburn, we’ve cultivated an inclusive environment where they all find community and belonging. Coming to campus as curious learners, here is where they learn and grow. And along with important life and work skills, they forge friendships that last a lifetime.

The Blackburn College Office of Student Life is home to numerous offices which will be integral to your on-campus experience. The offices of Residence Life, Student Engagement, Counseling Services, Disability Services, Student Success, Campus Community and Safety, and New Student Orientation are all a part of Student Life.

These offices are your resource for day-to-day life on campus. They help support students’ social growth and mental and emotional well-being.

Residence Life

Our Mission is to support the Blackburn College Vision by providing a living environment that inspires academic achievement, student involvement, and personal development. Blackburn students are justifiably proud of their residence halls, in part because students have had a hand in the construction and/or maintenance of each one. Feelings of ownership and finding a real “home away from home” run deep as students quickly adopt their halls and rooms as their own.

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Dining on Campus

Food is more than something you eat. It's fuel for your body, a moment to bond with friends, and something that provides comfort when you're at your home away from home.

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Student Senate

Student Senate is the body of elected student representatives that is the governing student body on campus. They are responsible for actively representing the needs, concerns, and ideas of the students for which they serve.

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Campus Safety and Security

Blackburn College strives to promote a safe campus through a community-friendly approach that increases safety. Campus Community and Safety works closely with local law enforcement and community resources to improve student safety. We strive to make every visitor of Blackburn Campus feel welcome, safe and secure.

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